Caroline is a Professional Librarian and Music Professional who recently worked as an On-Air DJ and Board Operator at WTTS-World Class Rock & WGCL-News Talk Radio.  She has a passion for radio and music, and can deliver a funny, entertaining radio show.  Caroline built a fan base of dedicated fans in Indiana, and the momentum began when  she was known as 'Sweet Caroline' on WFHB's weekly Afternoon Music Mix, for two years.  She has passion for Research and loves working in a Library environment as well.  Customer Service is a passion of hers and she excels in delivering it.  Most recently, Caroline obtained a Master's degree in Library and Information Science and a Fine Arts degree in Music.  

As a music student, Caroline found her DJ love at KTSW and WIUX.  Then on to WFHB where she hosted and produced the Afternoon Music Mix, Daily Local News, Podcasts, PSA'S, and The Beat Party, the longest running show on WFHB.  Caroline then moved to her most recent job at WTTS and WGCL.  Caroline desires a job in either Libraries or Radio, as she has talent in both.

Caroline is a busy and talented Musician and Artist who loves social networking, maintaining blogs, websites, and currently uses the moniker, Ladieboo.  Caroline is a trumpet player, and singer.

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